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We've been supplying customized pressure relief solutions to our clients since 1993.
About ARDT ARDT is the premier sales and support representative for several market leading manufacturers of pressure relief technologies. Our extremely responsive service & the incredible technical depth of our team is what sets us apart from other rep firms. We are available whenever you need us, day or night, and whomever you speak with at ARDT will be able to assist you with whatever you need on the spot.

Who does ARDT represent?

ARDT represents market leading manufacturers with a clear technical & service advantage over the other manufacturers in their product category. These manufacturers must fit with ARDT's core business philosophy of providing the best service & technology in the industry, while committing to work hand in hand with our clients to solve their toughest applications.
At ARDT, our mission is to consistently increase the sales and general client / industry awareness of and preference for the manufacturers we represent. We've chosen to pursue this mission with the ethics and morals of our common Christian faith.