The ARDT Sales Model

At ARDT, we employ a hybrid relationship-based and consulting-based sales approach. We take the time to dig into your application & learn everything necessary to solve your problem. Then we help you source and implement your solution, & we ensure its sustainability by listening to your feedback, adjusting the solution as needed, & training your personell as required. Through this long-term consulting approach we develop strong relationships with our customers, which drives their preference to work with ARDT.


Standard ARDT Services

From Basic to Comprehensive, We Tailor Our Services to Fit Your Need!
  • Technical TrainingARDT offers technical (not sales) training on a variety of our products. These training sessions are tailored to the specific audience (installers, engineers, purchasers, operators, etc.). Most sessions take about an hour and are performed on-site as a lunch & learn seminar.

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  • Relief Systems Consulting The collective pressure relief systems experience of the staff at ARDT is unparalleled in our markets. If you have a difficult application, a question about Code or RAGAGEP compliance, or if you're interested in standardizing & consolidating your facility's pressure relief devices, call us in for a free consultation.

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  • Field Surveys ARDT offers a comprehensive report on the current state of your relief systems. We will analyze the survey results to further generate Code compliance reports, purchasing efficiency reports, and product consolidation & standardization reports.

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  • Structured Pricing Agreements ARDT understands that every business will go through the bottom of a business cycle. We offer our clients the option to manage their pricing through structured agreements. This allows you to more accurately forecast your annual rupture disc spend for several years.

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  • Inventory Management If you represent a chemical plant, a refinery, or an OEM, one of your biggest pressure relief headaches is managing your large inventory of custom-manufactured pressure relief devices.

    ARDT has years of experience in managing the rupture disc inventories of several large facilities in Texas. These facilities pay no tax on the rupture disc inventory sitting in their warehouses, and only pay for the discs they use each year. It falls to ARDT to ensure that they are properly stocked at all times, and the facility can determine how much inventory they want ARDT to keep on the shelves & available to them.

    You too can take advantage of our simple inventory management programs. For details, please Contact Us.