Who Does ARDT Represent?

Only Manufacturers Who Can Keep Up With Us! ARDT represents market leading manufacturers with a clear technical & service advantage over the other manufacturers in their product category. These manufacturers must fit with ARDT's core business philosophy of providing the best service & technology in the industry, while committing to work hand in hand with our clients to solve their toughest applications.

The ARDT Sales Model

At ARDT, we employ a hybrid relationship-based and consulting-based sales approach. We take the time to dig into your application & learn everything necessary to help you solve your problem. Then we help you source and implement your solution, & we ensure its sustainability by listening to your feedback, adjusting the solution as needed, & training your personnel as required. Through this long-term consulting approach we develop strong relationships with our customers, which drives their preference to work with ARDT.

Our Market Leading Manufacturers Include:

  • Oseco Oseco is the market leader in manufacturing rupture discs, explosion vents, and other custom pressure relief products. Delivering exceptional life safety and equipment protection solutions for our customers is underpinned by our best quality approach. This platform allows us to deliver:

    Custom Solutions Product Customization, Product Optimization & The Best Engineered Team

    Performance Best Application Solution and Best Product Performance Guarantee

    Reliability Emergency Response Team, Available 24/7/365, Dependable Delivery, Industry Certified, Best Warranty
  • Rupture Pin Technology Get the Power of the Pin!
    Solving the toughest problems around the world for 25 years.

    Let us solve your toughest pressure relief problems! We produce the most accurate and reliable pressure relief valves in the world. Our pressure relief valves give you better performance, greater accuracy and reduced downtime so you can keep profits flowing.

  • Sigma Drilling Technologies Sigma Drilling Technologies is Revolutionizing the Pulsation Control Industry

    WHAT IF...you could take all the benefits of both gas charged and maintenance free dampener solutions and combine them into a single solution?
    Would you like to have all of the efficiency and performance benefits of Maintenance-Free type dampeners without the hindrance of size and weight?
    Then you need to look at Sigma's quick and easy solution!

    When the importance of drilling efficiency is at an all time high, Sigma will change the way you look at pulsation control for your pump.
  • OCECO For over 65 years, OCECO has been manufacturing high quality safety equipment for flammable liquid storage and waste gas disposal systems. OCECO equipment has earned world-wide recognition for unsurpassed records of safety, performance, and durability. OCECO offers a full line of safety equipment for fire prevention and waste gas disposal.

    From preventing flash fires to disposing of waste gas, OCECO provides everything you need to monitor, maintain, service and control your system safely and efficiently. Whether you're constructing a new facility, or maintaining an existing one, OCECO safety equipment can provide years of safe, trouble-free operation.
  • Tornado Combustion Technologies Tornado Combustion Technologies is a recognized leader in the design & manufacturing of combustion systems for energy producers and engineering firms worldwide.

    Tornado works closely with our customers to innovate new products that provide simple and effective solutions. We fabricate and sell our products across North America and around the world.

  • Klinger Level Instrumentation We concentrate upon the design, manufacture and sales of liquid level instrumentation products.

    We have a wealth of experience and knowledge, derived from decades of focus in Level Controls. Our products are renowned for their quality and reliability and are used by process plant operators throughout the world.

    In addition to quality product supply we are also highly experienced in contractor projects and offer full documentary facilities for the demands of project management.
  • Smith & Burgess Smith & Burgess is an industry-leading Process Safety Management (PSM) provider driven to increase process safety by delivering innovative solutions and PSM compliance results. Since opening, Smith & Burgess has become a trusted process safety advisor to the world's leading companies.

    Our consultants combined experience includes PSM projects at nine of the top ten United States refiners, as well as multiple chemical plants and pharmaceutical sites. We are passionate about process safety and dedicated to assisting our clients worldwide.
  • Taylor Valve Technology Every Taylor Valve Technology, Inc. product is designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of oil and gas producers, refiners, chemical plant operators, power generators and the processing industry in order to more effectively control their liquid, steam or gas operations.

    Quality API and ASME Code valves can be shipped from Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.'s facility in the United States quickly and reliably anywhere in the world.